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Pine Pollen Powder, Boosts Energy and Immunity Supports, 6 oz

Pine Pollen Powder, Boosts Energy and Immunity Supports, 6 oz

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Pine Pollen Powder

  • Pinus Tabuliformis tree is generally over 14 years old and contains more nutrients (Total flavonoids > 0.12%)
  • Finer ground concentrated pine pollen from chengde, the "hometown of pine pollen", non-GMO, vegan-friendly
  • 100% Natural Superfood Ingredients - Supercharge and Boost Your Health (wall breaking rate >99%)
  • As a "nutrition bank" that are known to Against aging, Anti-inflammatory, Immune Boosting, Helps Liver Cleansing
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Seems to be good pine pollen powder

This appears to be a good seller. No problem with ordering and fast delivery. Seems to be quality pine pollen powder. I've been taking pine pollen for about a year. I see no difference between us and other brands I have used. Only a 3-star rating on Flavor because pine pollen powder does not taste especially good regardless of where you get it. I ordered this brand because the value for the money seemed better than the others

A solid choice for pine pollen

I have been using pine pollen daily for almost a year, and so far this brand (I have used several different brands) seems to give me a feeling of nice, clean energy-exactly what I'm looking for.

Morning Pine Wood

Value is the best reason to buy this. Price for pune pollen has come down quite a lot in the last couple years. Supposed clean source in China. Such a large amount of pollen in these bags for the price. Pine pollen contains testosterone. Can help boost your levels, no guarantee, but I notice a difference in the gym and in the morning (wood).

This works for men

Its not HARD to tell this works. I take it IN THE MORNING! don't let that go over your HEAD.


I took this powder as a way to boost my energy. The taste is something to get used but it's not bad at all. After the first week, I noticed an increase in my energy and was able to wake up feeling fully rested. I definitely will be buying it again.