Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about our product details, ordering
& shipping, and about the health
benefits of traditional herbals.


Do you accept returns?

Returns are accepted within 30 days.

Before returning any products, please email us at express your reasons for returning the products. Please make sure to include your order number in the subject of your email. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. 

Return order

If you buy a large order of less than 10 bags(bottles, cans), you can have a full refund if they are unopened and unused within thirty days. If your order is more than 10 bags(bottles, cans), we will need you to show the ingredient information tested by the formal testing organization and explain the reason for the return. The products must be in new condition with original, resalable packaging. Any product whose label or package is torn and make it unable to resell cannot be returned. 

Cancel order

If you wish to cancel the order after placing the order but before delivery, you will get a full refund. If you wish to cancel the order after the order is shipped, you can refuse to deliver the package so that it can be returned to us at no charge to you. Once received, we will refund in full amount paid.

No returns or exchanges are accepted for merchandise bought with a discount code.

What logistics do you use?

We use Amazon logistics to deliver products, and you will receive the goods in about 5 days.

International orders

International orders are welcomed in ECO-TASTE. We offer international shipping to most countries in the world. For more detailed shipping information, you can email us.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in a GMP factory in China, but the raw materials are selected from all over the world.

What is the best way to take your product?

The best way to use our products is the most convenient way for you. For capsules, you can take them directly with water; for powders, you can add them into your favorite beverages, like milk shake, smoothies, tea, yogurt, coffee, etc. Find your own simple and delicious way to take our products, you won’t regret.

Do you test your products?

Each batch has been tested by 3rd party lab. The test mainly aims at whether the content of active ingredients reaches the standard, whether heavy metals and microorganisms exceed the standard.

Are your products safe to take during pregnancy?

Basically, we do not recommend taking our products during pregnancy, because of the different conditions of women. If you do want to take them, please consult to your doctor and test if you are allergic to certain ingredients.

How do I store my products?

You should store them in a cool and try place. Seal the bag or lock the cap after using.

What's the expiration date?

Hello, the shelf life of our products is 2 years, and the lot number does not represent the production date, it is just a code, usually the product you receive will have more than a year to take.

Are your capsules vegan?

Yes, all our capsule products are vegan friendly. We aim to provide natural and healthy food to our customers.

How do I take the capsules? Can I break them down to take powders?

Our capsules are normal capsule size, easy to swallow with water. Take 2 or 3 capsules per day. Although we do not recommend you take them down to take powders, free to find your own way to take capsules for better effects.

What if I still have questions after reading your FAQs?

For more information, you can contact us in the eco-taste email. We are happy to be here to help.

What’s your cancellation policy?

All goods can be canceled at any time, with any reason, prior to shipment.

Goods that have already been shipped cannot be canceled.

Do you have a discount code I could use?

Yes. For your first order on our website, you can enjoy 10% discount. Use the code when you have a payment.


What are the ingredients of luster dust?

The main ingredients of this item are Mica-Based Plearlescent, Natural plants, and fruits extract. All of the ingredients used are meet FDA requirements.

Dose the luster dust contain gluten, corn syrup, or corn starch?

This Luster Dust is free of corn syrup or corn starch, the main ingredients of this item are Mica-Based Plearlescent, Natural plants, and fruits extract. All of the ingredients used are meet FDA requirements.

Any chance the mushroom coffee comes in decaffeinated?

The Mushroom Coffee for Energy is low in caffeine than regular coffee but providing a perfect delivery of energy and focus, each serving only content 50mg caffeine.

It says the Elderberry Capsules manufactured in GMP facility, but in what country?

This product is made in a GMP factory in China,unlike other elderberry supplements, gummies or even syrups, ECO-TASTE powerful antioxidant formula combines the immune supporting benefits of not one, but three high-quality ingredients.
Each serving contains:
- 1000 mg of Black Elderberries (equivalent to 4000 mg of fresh fruit)
- 240 mg of Vitamin C
- 7 mg Zinc

My items was out of stock. Does that mean it's on back order?

Unfortunately we do not process back orders. If we are unable to fulfill any item from your order, we will not charge you for that item. Out of stock items will not affect your order's free shipping status. Please reorder any out of stock items in 2-4 weeks.

Why choose mushrooms?

Mushrooms have been used as traditional herbs for thousands of years. In modern society, several studies have shown that mushrooms are beneficial to human body. They can boost our immune system, give us essential energy, support our brain function, help with digestion and other health, like gut, liver, blood sugar, etc. We care for your health, since human body can’t produce beta glucans, we choose different ways and use technology to provide with different mushroom products.

How are Reishi Mushrooms grow?

Our Reishi mushrooms grow in the deep mountains, free of industrial pollution and we use spring water for irrigation. Our Reishi mushrooms are grown in an imitated wild environment and grown on duanwood,using the wood under the age of 5-8 years. You may not know that if Reishi mushrooms are allowed to grow all the time, they will turn into wood without nutrients. We select wild seeds, cultivate them with duanwood, harvest them during August to October, and replace new wood next year, so that we can not only ensure that there are no grains, but also that many of the tiny nutrients in our products are more comprehensive.

How to distinguish the extract Reishi powder from the Reishi spore powder?

1. Extract powder tastes slightly bitter and spore powder tastes faintly of mushroom

2. The extract powder is beige in color, and the spore powder is dark brown in color

3. The extract powder is relatively dry, and the spore powder is relatively delicate due to the presence of spore oil in the treatment of shell-broken.

Why is it necessary to break or split open the Spores?

The Reishi spores are surrounded by a geometric fiber wall (chitin), which is difficult to be absorbed by the human body. We make the spores of Reishi with wall-breaking to fully absorb the essence of Reishi. It was called "wall-broken spore powder".

Why is the mycelium no included?

Our mushroom products are only use the 100% fruiting bodies of the mushrooms. These are the main source of nutrition and active compounds.

What is the percentage of beta glucan?

Since betan-glucans (homopolysaccharides) are believed to be the major bioactive polysaccharides of mushrooms,the beta-glucan of our mushroom products is >30%.

If I add mushroom powder to coffee, does the heat alter the make up or affect it's benefits?

No worries about heating the mushrooms - the beneficial compounds are fine with exposure to normal cooking temperatures. The mushrooms are already exposed to heat once in being processed into powder. For better mixability, add the mushroom powder to your cup first and pour the hot coffee over it.