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Mushroom Coffee Mix 7 in 1 to improve immune system, focus and memory, 1.27oz

Mushroom Coffee Mix 7 in 1 to improve immune system, focus and memory, 1.27oz

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Mushroom Coffee Mix 7 in 1

  • DESIGNED FOR MEMORY WITH POWERFUL EXTRACTS: Achieve 500mg NOOTROPIC herbs in one serving, ECO-TASTE 7 in 1 mushroom coffee was mixed with -Arabica coffee, Ginkgo Leaf Extract (24%/6% standardized), Lion’s mane extract (20% beta-glucan), Bacopa extract, Alpha-GPC, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine - all working together to provide outstanding daily clean brain, and having less caffeine than others
  • BENEFITS FOR IMMUNE SYSTEM, MEMORY, BRAIN: 100% Pure and Organic ingredients helps to keep your immune system in balance, improve your mental clarity and focus naturally, so what we wanted to provide is not a conceptual product, but a SUPER-COFFEE that should help you perform better in sports, work, outings, parties and more
  • UNBEATABLE PRICE: 2X lower than equivalent brands at 58 cents per servings. WHY? - In China, we have been in the dietary supplement industry since 2002 and we have better supply chains and farms which decrease a lot of intermediate costs
  • RICH AND SMOOTH FLAVOR: Rich in coffee and mushroom extracts flavor, a little bitter with slight mushroom flavor. We have a wide choice of coffee flavor, but we’d rather give you the PURELY & NATURE one that without fillers and additives. BUT this won’t stop you from trying more flavors while getting the herb nutrients due to our mushroom extracts are 100% water-soluble, So add a splash of coconut oil, almond cream, nut milk, or any other superfood that you favorite
  • PERFECT FOR ALL DIETS: Okay with vegan, paleo, keto, dairy-free or gluten-free friends; All of our mushrooms are No carriers, fillers or artificial flavors. We make our extremely high-quality mushroom coffee with zero tolerance attitude towards low-quality herbs and fillers
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best way to start my day!

I am hooked on this, my go-to cup of mental energy in the morning.
Exactly what I need after a late night working or studying; this has helped me get back on my A-game without feeling jittery or upsetting my stomach.
I've never drank more than one cup in the morning.
It's just not necessary.
Thank you for this great product at an affordable price!

This coffee has some serious kick!

Ive been trying many of these hybrid coffee blends with caffeine, lions mane, and other nootropic ingredients for the last few years. This stuff really delivers; it has some serious kick to last all day which is why I highly suggest drinking it in the morning. Compared to others its an excellent value for the money.

Great for the price in comparison to other brands

This coffee is great for the price compared to other brands of now trendy and popular mushroom-based coffees. Both flavors are a little different and both pretty good. I wish they gave you a tiny bit more But in general and it makes a good cup of coffee that is not too large to over dilute the powder. Personally I make the coffee a little smaller than usual so that this taste is stronger. Provides good energy, but not that caffeinated Jetter however it still does have real coffee within it also. Great product for the price you should definitely try it.

Tastes good and works well

I mix mine with milk/water and it tastes super good. Other brands taste bitter, but not this one. Also actually gives me energy.

Great Taste

Easy to use, taste is good. I use it for a quick pick-me-up when I don't need a full pot of coffee. Packaging was good and the item arrived when expected.