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Mushroom Coffee Mix 7 in 1, TCM designed for energy, immune system and mental clarity, 1.27oz

Mushroom Coffee Mix 7 in 1, TCM designed for energy, immune system and mental clarity, 1.27oz

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Mushroom Coffee Mix 7 in 1, TCM designed for energy

  • DESIGNED FOR ENERGY WITH POWERFUL EXTRACTS: Achieve 500mg mushroom herbs in one serving, ECO-TASTE 7 in 1 mushroom coffee was mixed with - Reishi Extract (20% beta-glucans, 1% triterpenes), Chaga Extract (20% beta-glucans), Rhodiola Extract (1% salidroside, 3% rosavin), Ginseng Extract (10% ginsenosides), Eleuthero Extract (0.8% Eleutherosides), Cordyceps Extract (1% cordycepin) - all working together to provide outstanding daily clean energy, and having less caffeine than others
  • BENEFITS FOR IMMUNE SYSTEM, MEMORY, FOCUS: 100% Pure and ingredients helps to keep your immune system in balance, improve your mental clarity and focus naturally, so what we wanted to provide is not a conceptual product, but a SUPER-COFFEE that should help you perform better in sports, work, outings, parties and more
  • UNBEATABLE PRICE: 2X lower than equivalent brands at 58 cents per servings. WHY? - In China, we have been in the dietary supplement industry since 2002 and we have better supply chains and farms which decrease a lot of intermediate costs
  • RICH AND SMOOTH FLAVOR: Rich in coffee and mushroom extracts flavor, a little bitter with slight mushroom flavor. We have a wide choice of coffee flavor, but we’d rather give you the PURELY & NATURE one that without fillers and additives. BUT this won’t stop you from trying more flavors while getting the herb nutrients due to our mushroom extracts are 100% water-soluble, So add a splash of coconut oil, almond cream, nut milk, or any other superfood that you favorite
  • PERFECT FOR ALL DIETS: Okay with vegan, paleo, keto, dairy-free or gluten-free friends; All of our mushrooms are naturally farmed or wild-harvested; No carriers, fillers or artificial flavors; All of our 7 mushrooms use 100% WHOLE FRUITING BODIES instead of mycelium on grain, which is mostly useless starch. We make our extremely high-quality mushroom coffee with zero tolerance attitude towards low-quality herbs and fillers
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Better than I hoped

Bought this for easy coffee in the morning and wanted to try mushroom coffee. I was pleasantly surprised how good this is. First cup drank black and was really good. Usually a cream and sugar coffee drinker. Tried it with cream and sugar and definitely preferred black with no cream and sugar.

So glad this was good.! Must try!

12 lil packets of sunshine! I highly recommend this coffee mixed with healthy mushrooms, I did notice more focus after having an 8oz hot cup & it tastes just like coffee, I swear, I added some coconut/oat creamer SO YUMMY! 😋

My new fav mushroom coffee!!

I've tried sooo many mushroom coffee brands and am a lover of four sigmatic but this company has become my go to. They are so much more reasonably priced and are amazing. They grow the mushrooms and extract them correctly and im so glad I found this company. I have already ordered from them like 12 times and won't stop anytime soon!


The first time I try this I did not like,, I did tried different ways to makes this,,
The best way for me was 9oz of hot water some natural honey some cream, I adjust
And now I have to have a couple of cups a day
I have brought 3 more boxes
Now I injoy this

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Try it

Best mushroom coffee I ever tried. Taste great, give me energy for the day. Love it.