we strictly abide by the regulations of not polluting soil, water and air


We are always respect our nature and keen to protect our environment, trying ways to make a positive difference.

As a wellness company, we should take our responsibility to value the health of our people and our environment. Since we take from the nature, we also respect and love the nature. So from planting to production, we strive to make a green future.

We have been cooperated with small but experienced farmers under fair trade policies for years, and has built a trustworthy relationship with them. Every year, we go to the planting bases and fruit farms to make sure our ingredients are pure and real. We will test each batch of products for heavy metal pollution and chemical pollution. We pay attention to the up-to-date global safety standards that go into the ingredients we offer to our customers. Over the years, we haven’t lower any of safety requirements that related to food.

In terms of production, we strictly abide by the regulations of not polluting soil, water and air. Our product packaging is food grade packaging, using recyclable or degradable materials. We keep in mind that sustainable action protects the natural foundations of life for future generations.

We put a lot of efforts for sustainability and we still manage new ways to do more of it. For us, sustainability efforts are not just a fancy word but are real actions that we have been doing. What we do is not only to live a healthy lifestyle through different supplements, but also to have a clean and livable environment.

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