Natural and Pure Fruit Powder of ECO-TASTE

Natural and Pure Fruit Powder of ECO-TASTE

When it comes to getting daily nutrition, fresh and juicy fruits are the first choice for most people. As an important part of our diet, we can choose fruits with various flavors and with essential  vitamins and minerals.

While, we cannot enjoy the joy of fresh fruits all the time because of the seasonality and busy lifestyle, even for some elderly and children who may have some trouble or inconvenience with eating fruits. For these limitations, we provide an easy way to enjoy a variety of fruits powder just for your daily health and your easy-to-go. So, it's about the right time to read about our fresh fruits powder.  

We source our fruits from the right DI-TAO places where are the most suitable places for fruits to grow. We take particular about the surrounding environment of our fruits. For example, Hainan Island is the only China's province that is wholly located in tropical zone, and possesses unique environment and resource. As the only tropical island in China, Hainan enjoys clear sky, azure blue sea, fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Apart from the beginning quality control of its growth environment, we also pay attention to select the best fruits manually to keep the nutrition of fruits for making quality powders. We comply with all the up-to-date international standards when processing our fruits powder. We use the whole fruits without any artificial additives during production. We can guarantee that our ingredients of fruits powders are very pure, just 100% natural fruits powder.

So, now you may have a better understanding of our pure and natural fruits powders, you can enjoy them confidently in baking, drinking, even use them as food seasoning.

Tips: For smooth flavor, avoid mixing directly with hot water.

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