Mushroom Coffee: Smooth and Rich Flavor

Mushroom Coffee: A Cup of My Own Coffee

Coffee has become a world trend beverage. It is estimated that 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. In four seasons, we can drink it in a hot way or cold way to feel its soft taste. More people tend to drink a cup of coffee in early morning or in mid-afternoon to refresh our body. There are so many kinds of coffee in market, have you try them all or do you know which one is your type? In this article, I will introduce this normal beverage and help you find your own coffee.

The major components of coffee

  • Caffeine: It has a particularly strong bitter taste and can stimulate the central nervous system, heart and respiratory system. The right amount of caffeine can also reduce muscle fatigue and promote the secretion of digestive juices. Help the body excrete excess sodium ions from the body. But excessive intake can cause caffeine poisoning.
  • Tannic acid: After boiling, the tannic acid will decompose into pyrolignic acid, so the coffee brewed too long will taste worse.
  • Fat: the most important fats are acid fat and volatile fat.
  • Acid fat: Fat contains acid and its strength will vary according to the type of coffee.
  • Volatile fat: It is the main source of coffee aroma. It is a substance that can emit about 40 kinds of aroma.
  • Protein: The main source of calories, the proportion is not high. Most of the protein in the ground coffee will not dissolve out when making coffee, so the intake is limited.
  • Sugar: Green coffee beans contain about 8% sugar. After baking, most of the sugar is converted into caramel, which makes coffee brown and combines with tannic acid to produce sweet taste.
  • Fiber: The fiber of green beans will be carbonized after baking, and the combination of caramel will form the color of coffee.
  • Minerals: Contains a small amount of lime, iron, phosphorus, sodium carbonate, etc.

Some researchers suggest that coffee might have the potential of a functional food thanks to its biochemical properties and the possible health benefits.


  • Relieve fatigue: Caffeine is a mild stimulant, it can improve the sensitivity, attention, accelerate the metabolism of human body, improve the mental state and physical fitness of human body, so as to relieve fatigue.
  • Boost digestion: In fact, for the stomach, coffee can help digestion and help fat decomposition.
  • Antioxidant: The antioxidant function of coffee can resist the damage of free radicals to human body. Studies have shown that coffee contains four times more antioxidants than tea and can prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Prevent gallstone: For caffeine-containing coffee, it can stimulate the contraction of the gallbladder and reduce the cholesterol in the bile that easily forms gallstones. The latest Harvard University researchers found that men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have less than 40% chance of getting gallstones.

Shopping guide

Espresso: It is made by using high pressure to make boiling water pass through coffee powder in a few seconds, and get about 1 / 4 oz. of coffee, which tastes bitter and fragrant.

Macchiato: It is to add a thin layer of hot milk foam on espresso to keep the coffee temperature. The delicate and sweet milk foam can buffer the bitter impact of espresso. You can choose macchido if you want to drink coffee but can’t give up the sweet taste.

Americano: The taste is lighter, but because of the long extraction time, caffeine content is high.

Latte: Latte is extremely simple, that is, pour nearly boiling milk into the freshly made Italian espresso. In fact, there are no rules for how much milk you add, and you can mix it freely according to your personal taste.

Cappuccino: The traditional cappuccino coffee is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steam milk and 1/3 foam milk. Cappuccino is divided into two types: dry and wet. Dry cappuccino is a method of conditioning with more milk bubbles and less milk. It tastes more coffee than milk. Wet cappuccino is a method of less milk bubble and more milk. The milk flavor covers the strong and choking coffee flavor, which is suitable for the light taste.

Mocha: Mocha is a mixture of espresso, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and milk. It is a variant of espresso latte.

Irish Coffee: A kind of coffee that is both like wine and coffee is made by mixing hot coffee, Irish whisky, cream and sugar.


We love coffee and we take it in a real and healthy way.

You may not know that the mushroom coffee concept is not new. It’s said that back to the old days Finnish had started using medicinal mushrooms as a coffee substitute.

Currently, mushroom coffee is a trending coffee blend on the market, as people get into the healthy lifestyle. Great in morning or afternoon when you need a boost to feel alert. With the medicinal mushrooms, it makes our regular coffee healthier than old days.If you are a big fan of mushrooms and coffee, then you should definitely have a try.

Here is our 10 mushrooms coffee. We make our mushroom coffee by using the whole fruiting bodies. Mushroom coffee can be made by medicinal mushrooms rather than culinary mushrooms. We add 10 mushrooms extract powder into the Arabica coffee to boost your daily energy. 

Since it’s a mushroom coffee, it tastes a little bitter with slight mushroom flavor. We have a wide choice of coffee flavor, but we’d rather give you the PURELY & NATURE one that without fillers and additives. But if you can’t stand the bitterness, you can add milk or other food you like to adjust the flavor. Come and choose your own coffee, let the whole day be full of energy.

*Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

[1] Messina G., Zannella C., Monda V., Dato A., Liccardo D., De Blasio S., Valenzano A., Moscatelli F., Messin A., Cibelli G., et al. The Beneficial Effects of Coffeein Human Nutrition. Biol. Med. 2015;7:240:1–240:5. doi: 10.4172/0974-8369.1000240.


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